Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

Saying Hello to Solaris...

...(again), this Time on my Fileserver. That machine was my old Desktop-Computer and now works as my Testlab for Testing Opensolaris and some Web-Application-Stuff. Since it is not connected to the Internet, I ordered an Opensolaris-CD to install the latest Version 2009.06.

Installation went smoothly and the "Shutdown-Bug" (see some Posts earlier) was also fixed. The only thing I did so far, was to enable Login via VNC and give the Machine a static IP-Adress (because my Network is only that Machine and my Notebook ;-) ).

For Installation I attached a Monitor and installed the NVIDIA-Driver for the Graphiccard to play around with Compiz a little. Unfortounatly the Windows don't have any Borders with Compiz enabled. But thats not a Problem, because I removed the Monitor after Installation and initial Configuration.

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