Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

A new Shutdown Bug

After installing Opensolaris 2009.06 and playing around a little bit, I wanted to re-activate my old CIFS-Share to backup my Windows Notebook with Sync Toy to the Share.
I installed the Packages, updated pam.conf, resetted the Password of the User and enabled sharing. All was fine and the Backup run smoothly.
But unfortounatly the Machine did not shutdown after work was done and I told it to do so. There was no Errormessage ... nothing, it just did nothing. Since I only added the CIFS-Stuff, I disabled the "smb/server" and tried to shut the Machine down. This time there was no Problem.
I found a discussion on, but unfortounatly there is no Workaround or Fix (for 2009.06, the thread says the affected bugs are fixed in Build 114). So I wrote a simple Skript, wich disables the Server and shuts the Machine down.

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