Montag, 13. September 2010


So, the guys from the Illumos-Project are really pushing their Project. If you look on the Website from the Illumos-Project they are ready to present the first Distribution based on the Illumos-Codebase (No, wait! The first one is Schillix 0.7.1i).
And I started to look after Alternatives for OpenSolaris and thought about a Migration to FreeBSD. But also I am still waiting for Oracle Solaris Express. I think I have to wait and see how good the Projects (Illumos and OpenIndiana) develop.

Samstag, 14. August 2010

R.I.P. OpenSolaris

There are various sources [1], [2], [3] where you can read what Oracle plans to do with Solaris. One sad thing:

"We will not release any other binary
distributions, such as nightly or bi-weekly builds of Solaris
binaries, or an OpenSolaris 2010.05 or later distribution."

So, OpenSolaris is dead. One good thing, maybe/hopefully:

"We will have a Solaris 11 binary distribution, called Solaris 11
Express, that will have a free developer RTU license, and an optional
support plan. Solaris 11 Express will debut by the end of this
calendar year, and we will issue updates to it, leading to the full
release of Solaris 11 in 2011."

And there is also Illumos, a Project which wants to replace all "Closed Binaries" with free Code (BSD/CDDL-License). You can read here [4] what one of their Project-Leaders thinks about Oracles move.

Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Illumos anyone?

In one of my favourite Blogs regarding OpenSolaris, I found an interesting Article. I have no Idea what it is going to be (Ok, I have an Idea but I will keep it for myself ;-) ), but I will defenitly check it out on August, 3rd.

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Hudson on OpenSolaris

If you are a Java-Developer you might want do run a Continuous-Integration-Server on OpenSolaris. Fortunatly the Guys from Hudson provide a Pkg-Server for their Software.

So it is very simple to install it on an OpenSolaris-Server. Sidenote: It is one of the first 3rd-Party-Repositories I found so far.

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Update to Build 134

Recently I switched back to OpenSolaris from EON, because I wanted to run the Glassfish-Applicationserver. So I used an old CD with Dev-Build 130 to install OpenSolaris.
Since I now have a new Mobile-Internet-Contract (with HSPA) I decided to upgrade to the latest Build 134.

The "pkg image-update" ran for 2h. The only Issue I had after the Update was BUG 12380. I could not connect via putty from my Windows-Machine. But after using the Workaround in Comment 3 (adding "clone:ptmx 0666 root sys" to the File "/etc/minor_perm"), all was well.

Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

OpenSolaris 2010.0x

The Release of the next Version of OpenSolaris 2010.03 (26.03.2010) is delayed. Here are some Links to Discussions in OpenSolaris-Forums:


There are some Bugs which have to be fixed before the new Release (those from the last Forum-Thread). The Release should come with Build-Number 138.

For the general Question about Oracle supporting OpenSolaris read:

Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

EON ZFS Storage

Since I use my Solarisbox only as a Fileserver for my Windows-Notebook I decided to make the System simpler. I read about EON ZFS Storage earlier and decided to give it a chance.
Eon is a Distribution of Opensolaris wich can be installed on USB-Sticks. This was the Reason for me to use Eon, because I could get rid of my old System-Harddisk wich was:
  1. pretty old
  2. pretty noisy ;-)
I downloaded the Eon Image, burnt it to a CD and installed it to a 4GB USB-Stick. To install Eon, you just have to call:


Yes, it's really that simple. More Information about the Installation-Process can be found here. If you configure the System for your needs, don't forget to save all Configurations by calling:

where is given as an Example if you run the command without parameters.