Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

EON ZFS Storage

Since I use my Solarisbox only as a Fileserver for my Windows-Notebook I decided to make the System simpler. I read about EON ZFS Storage earlier and decided to give it a chance.
Eon is a Distribution of Opensolaris wich can be installed on USB-Sticks. This was the Reason for me to use Eon, because I could get rid of my old System-Harddisk wich was:
  1. pretty old
  2. pretty noisy ;-)
I downloaded the Eon Image, burnt it to a CD and installed it to a 4GB USB-Stick. To install Eon, you just have to call:


Yes, it's really that simple. More Information about the Installation-Process can be found here. If you configure the System for your needs, don't forget to save all Configurations by calling:

where is given as an Example if you run the command without parameters.

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