Freitag, 10. April 2009

(Also) Compiling MPlayer

I tried to compile MPlayer by following this Post of the Observatory-Blog. Like some other People, I got some Errors. I try to collect the Actions and Workarounds here, that helped me to compile MPlayer.

As Enda O'Connor wrote in a Comment to the mentioned Blogpost, you have to install additional Packages. At least you need to install SUNWgawk. I recommend to check, if you have all needed Headers installed (like SUNWxorg-headers).

To make sure the GNU-Version of awk will be used while compiling, add it to your PATH-Variable:

$: export PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH

On my Machine (IBM z61m Noteboook) I had to disable MMX to compile:

$: ./configure --prefix=/opt/mplayer --enable-gui --disable-mmx --disable-mmxext

Unfortunatly I could compile and install MPlayer whitout Errors, but if I start it I get the following Message:

Obviously something went totally wrong :-( I will try to compile (and configure) MPlayer again, and provide an Update if its running.

UPDATE: See next Blogpost. Disabling of MMX was not necessary!

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