Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

Huawei e169 - Reloaded

With help from Agus Priyadi I worked around the Bug that forced me to disable the 2nd Core of my Dual-Core Notebook. To make it easier for other People to find the necessary Information, I repeat his Tips:

1. Download the Patch:

host:# wget -c

2. Untar the Patch:

host:# tar -jxvf usbser.tar.bz2

3. Backup existing Files:

host:# mkdir ~/backup
host:# cp /kernel/misc/usbser ~/backup/usbser.i386.orig
host:# cp /kernel/misc/amd64/usbser ~/backup/usbser.amd64.orig

4. Apply Patch:

host:# pfexec cp usbser/i386/usbser /kernel/misc/usbser
host:# pfexec cp usbser/amd64/usbser /kernel/misc/amd64/usbser
// change owner file
host:# pfexec chown root:sys /kernel/misc/usbser /kernel/misc/amd64/usbser

5. Reboot:

host:# reboot

And thats all!


Vorb hat gesagt…

Doesn't work with 5/09 ((( Unresolved symbols...

Guido Luetke Woestmann hat gesagt…

I don't know if the Patch should work under Solaris-Versions other than Opensolaris. Look on the Website, from where you download the Patch. Or you can search for the URL in the The Guy who wrote the Patch is pretty active.

Anonym hat gesagt…

"The guy who wrote the patch" is not only an active contributor, but even also has launched a new web site recently.


You can download his "Huawei USB Modem hot plug patch" from there. I guess this patch will make your Dual-Core Notebook life easier . :)