Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Digging Deeper I: RBAC

So Opensolaris is up and running on my Notebook, now it's Time to "look behind the Scenes". Every Post wich is called "Digging Deeper" will provide Information you our I won't actually need to solve a Problem, but is interesting to know and to understand the System.

First Thing I want to write about is RBAC (Role Based Access Control). This is the Opensolaris Way to handle User-Rights. Instead of having a Root-User who can perform all the Administration-Tasks, with Opensolaris you can give a User the Rights he needs to perform his Tasks. For Example a Web-Developer can administrate a Database, but doesn't have all the Priviliges he would have if he had used "su" or "sudo".

For further Information, there are other Blogs (Ben Rosewoods Blog) and of Course the Documentation by SUN (System Administration Guide [Chapter 17-19]), wich is as detailed as ever.

I have created a simple Java-Exampleproject with Netbeans, just to play around with the RBAC-Stuff. Right now, it only reads the File with the User-Attributes.

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